Who I Can Help

The techniques I use are most effective with a student who:

  • Needs help with decoding and sounding out words, and with spelling.
  • Is a child over age five, a teenager, or an adult.
  • Has normal hearing, vision, speech, and oral language abilities.
  • Can pass the screening test. Every student is given this test during the initial consultation meeting. This helps us to determine whether the approach and techniques I use are going to be appropriate for the student's needs. 
  • Can check email and join a Zoom meeting, or has someone available who can do this.
  • Can speak and understand English at a basic conversational level.

The instruction is focused on the foundational skills of phoneme awareness, letter-sound relationships, and phonics, although we will, from time to time, touch on various topics in basic grammar, handwriting, vocabulary, and reading comprehension.

If you have any questions, please call or email me, Marian, at (614) 599-8618 or logic.of.reading@gmail.com.